Best Albums of 2013

Frightened Rabbit - "Pedestrian Verse"Happy New Year everyone!

The time has come to unveil the token Tfronky Best Of lists. I want to thank Stinkweeds Records for once again allowing me to contribute to its year-end book, fourth year having the pleasure to do that! If you live here in the Phoenix area please visit the store, buy a disc or ten and pick up a copy of the book. Not just for my picks mind you, there are once again plenty of awesome contributions and I personally find a new band or two to fall in love with after reading the book every year.

Here is my Top Ten list, in order, including a link to the full review on the Stinkweeds site that I wrote last year. Folks, in an age where singles seem to matter more than the full product invest some time in sitting down and listening to a full album from an artist you like, it is time well spent!

  1. Frightened RabbitPedestrian Verse
  2. The NationalTrouble Will Find Me
  3. Dead Can DanceIn Concert
  4. The Father FiguresAll About Everything
  5. SnowdenNo One in Control
  6. CheatahsExtended Plays
  7. The Joy FormidableWolf’s Law
  8. The CultElectric Peace
  9. WavvesAfraid of Heights
  10. FoalsHoly Fire

Hope you enjoy one or all of these. Cheers!



  1. SoulPapo · January 1, 2014

    Reblogged this on Papo Talks Thoughts and commented:
    As much as I expected some of the artists on here, never does it cease to amaze me the great music rounded up.

    For a hiphop/pop round up

    Best Albums of 2013!!

  2. SoulPapo · January 1, 2014

    I remember that Nationals video.

    Great round up.

    Always leaving me with many a thing to teeth on

    • tfronky · January 1, 2014

      Thanks for the feedback, always appreciate it from you!

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