The 15 Days of Christmas Tfronky Style

Band Aid - "Do They Know it's Christmas"

I find that once Christmas Eve is just two weeks away that is when I get in the proper Christmas spirit. I hated this time of year for many, many years due to working in retail. People are assholes from Black Friday until Christmas Eve so I lost my taste for the holidays. Today I enjoy the time once again and yes, that includes the music we listen to during the holidays.

A lot of you may slag me for liking the Band Aid song and video. Tough. I love it, one of my favorites and I love how so many eighties stars from the U.K. (plus Kool and the Gang and Jody Watley from the U.S.) came together to make this record. What I find amazing to this day is the fact the entire process took place in a 24 hour period on November 25, 1984 at SARM Studios in Notting Hill between 11:00am and 7:00pm. Some of the basic tracks had already been recorded the day before at Midge Ure’s (from Ultravox) home studio but as far as all the artists doing their parts, that all happened during those eight hours.

Enjoy. And yes, there were be another Frank holiday favorite each day until that magic day. 🙂



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