Let’s compare The National to Zvuki Mu to The Cure

The National Sea of Love music videoOkay so I am on one of those band obsessive cycles right now. Deal. Trouble Will Find Me from The National is an absolute bad ass album and in my opinion an essential addition to your record collection. Go buy it. Now.

Well, buy it after checking out and comparing these three videos. “Sea of Love” is the first video released from the album. Great song, great frenetic energy and an interesting concept. Ten seconds into the video I could not help but flash back to “Boys Don’t Cry” from The Cure. I have no problem dating myself like that because I like the fact I am old enough to have liked them going all the way back to their pre-gloom days. Watch the video and you will see why the “Sea of Love” video made me think of “Boys Don’t Cry” from The Cure.

The third video to watch is from Russian post punk band Zvuki Mu. The song is called “Grubyi Zakat” and it is a very cool track. Zvuki Mu was founded back in the early eighties and has released a string of albums since 1988. I had no idea that The National used the video as a reference point but it is very obvious, and I think very cool. The YouTube comments for “Sea of Love” are interesting, surprised with how many people are slagging The National for doing this. Those people should probably shut it up because The National had the #3 album in the U.S. with Trouble Will Find Me after the first week of release and could probably give a shite what a few haters think.

I will get off my soapbox now. Enjoy the music!



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