The National release Trouble Will Find Me. And yes, it kicks ass.

The National

Three years is too long to wait for a new release from a great band. The National is right near the top in terms of the Tfronky Favorite Band label. The band’s 2010 release High Violet was my Stinkweeds Best of 2010 #1 pick, so needless to say I have been chomping at the bit for the release of Trouble Will Find Me.

As expected I have not been disappointed at all. Trouble Will Find Me had a Tuesday, May 21 official U.S. release date but luckily I had my hands on a copy of this Monday afternoon. Because I can. I listened to it once yesterday, a second time over dinner this evening and while I am writing this I am six songs into a third full listen. The National prove once again that they are true masters of weaving indie rock, orchestral indie pop, post-punk and baroque pop music into one heck of a unique style not many bands are capable of creating.

My recommendation? Head on down to your favorite RECORD STORE (seriously people, mp3s sound so shitty compared to the vinyl or CD) and get Trouble Will Find Me. Now.

However, since most shops may be closed by the time this gets posted check out the official video for the first single “Sea of Love”, plus a second clip of the band’s performance on David Letterman Monday night May 20 of “Don’t Swallow the Cap”. This is a rare instance when use of the word ‘epic” is applicable. Enjoy.

It’s nice to be back after a long layoff. Cheers!


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