The Tfronky Pick of the Week – The Plimsouls

The Plimsouls

Hello everybody,

I was listening to Everywhere at Once from The Plimsouls last night, the band’s 1983 power pop watershed album that 30 years later remains an alternative music classic. I can still remember my long-time junior high and high school buddy Lance Myers and I buying this tape at Licorice Pizza in San Diego the summer of 1985 and playing it non-stop the entire week we were out there. Years later I finally saw them play a reunion show at The Mason Jar here in town with Clem Burke from Blondie on the drums. I think he broke two or three drum sticks by the end of the second song. What a show!

Peter Case, lead singer and guitarist from The Plimsouls tends to dismiss the band a bit today, which makes sense considering he has enjoyed a stellar career as a Grammy-nominated folk rock artist since the band broke up in the mid-eighties. The Plimsouls may only have been around for a short time but the band’s contribution to the U.S. power pop scene is undeniable. I still love this band today.

Check out the band making a cameo in the 1983 cult classic Valley Girl. The two songs The Plimsouls play are “Everywhere at Once” and “A Million Miles Away”. Yes, that is Nicolas Cage playing a wanna-be punk rocker in the movie. Enjoy.



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