The Tfronky Pick of the Week – The Father Figures

Father Figures 2012 photo shoot

No brainer folks, would the pick be any other band this week? This Friday, January 25 at the coolest venue in town, the Crescent Ballroom, The Father Figures will be live on stage celebrating the release of their second full-length disc All About Everything. The release party may be that evening but this writer was fortunate enough to snag a copy prior to the event. The band’s 2011 debut Lesson Number 1 was awesome; this trio definitely did not suffer from the dreaded sophomore slump with this release. All About Everything absolutely smokes, this CD is ridiculous my friends.

The show has been my official Silver Platter pick of the week for a month now, please read this link for details about the January 25 Father Figures CD release show. Check out this blog in a couple of days for a review of the album, I purposely have been saving posting my thoughts on the disc until this week because I wanted to wait for the show. I will give you a two word review for now; “F-ING AMAZING.”

Here is a video from August 2011 of one of the songs on the album, and one of my favorite songs from The Father Figures period, “Tin Soldiers”. The guitar lick from Michael Cornelius is one of the best on any FFs track in my opinion. As good as this practice session version was the studio version is frighteningly exponentially better. Yes, I used a double adverb, deal with it. Enjoy.



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