Time for the official Tfronky year-end lists … let us start with the honorable mentions for best albums of 2012

Stinkweeds Best of 2012

Hello everybody,

Last week the official Best of 2012 book from Stinkweeds Records was released and I am both proud and humbled to have contributed for the third straight year. No spoilers here my friends, if you are interested in knowing what my top ten picks were for the year please stop by Stinkweeds on the northwest corner of Central and Camelback to get one. I believe the book is free with a CD purchase, $2 on its own. Trust me, it is worth the money and that is purely in reference to the contributions from the other writers in the book. I always discover some great music as a result of reading the book.

I will say this much about my picks. I only included three albums from 2012 because it was an unbelievable year for reissues. However, I still feel kind of bad that my picks were not all new albums because that has been my MO in the past. Here is a list of albums from this past year that deserve the honorable mention tag, along with a video or sound clip for one of the songs to give you a little taste of what to expect from the disc:

  1. A Place to Bury StrangersWorship – “Mind Control”
  2. Autumn’s EndThe Siren’s Lament – “Arise from Slumber”
  3. Dead Can DanceAnastasis – “Children of the Sun”
  4. Dinosaur JrI Bet on Sky – “Pierce the Morning Rain”
  5. ElbowDead in the Boot – “McGreggor”
  6. The Jealous SoundA Gentle Reminder – “Perfect Timing”
  7. Nada SurfThe Stars are Indifferent to Astronomy – “Looking Through
  8. Redd KrossResearching the Blues – “Stay Away from Downtown”
  9. Silversun PickupsNeck of the Woods – “Mean Spirits”
  10. Wild NothingNocturne – “Midnight Song”

Hope you enjoy the videos my friends. Within the next week let’s hope the Best Songs and Best Concerts Musings arrive. Cheers!


One comment

  1. Dave Marsh · January 2, 2013

    Thanks, Frank. Great list! Hope to get my book soon.

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