Happy New Year!

Big Country at Barrowlands New Years Eve 1982Hello everyone! As has been the custom for a couple of decades now I stayed home on Amateur Night. What’s the point of doing something like heading out to Mill Avenue so I can deal with all the amateur drunks? No thank you, I preferred watching LSU lose its bowl game and seeing the ball drop in Times Square. No Dick Clark though was quite the bummer.

If MTV had any sense (Jersey Shore proves the network has none) they would play the 1982 Barrowlands concert from Big Country. Check out the August 6 Musings post about this band for a bit of background about the concert, plus a video of the second song from the show. The clip I included for this post is particularly significant because the band was right in the middle of playing “The Storm” when the clock struck midnight. The crowd at the concert were treated to one hell of a New Years Eve celebration at that point.

I remember watching this concert on New Years Eve when MTV still played music. Yeah, I don’t remember those days either.

Cheers, and Happy New Year!


One comment

  1. Dave Marsh · January 1, 2013

    A great video and a great friend, Tfronky. Blessings on you for a wonderful and enriching New Year. And Big Country was one of my very favorite bands during that era. Thanks for sharing!

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