The Tfronky Pick of the Week – Dif Juz

Dif Juz
Hello everybody,

Brandon Capps from two bands I absolutely love, Half String and The Tellers, inspired this post. Dif Juz was a mesmerizing band that was part of the 4AD roster of bands in the eighties that I feel created some of the best music of that decade. Another one of many bands that Bobby Lerma from The Father Figures introduced to me (BTW, Bobby and Brandon played together in The Tellers), Dif Juz created some of the most beautiful and in my opinion overlooked music of that time period. The Extractions CD from 1985 that I have from this band contains that whole album plus tracks from both of the band’s 1981 EPs, Huremics and Vibrating Air.

The majority of the band’s music was instrumental, taking the listener on an epic ride by creating soaring melodies that possessed elements of post punk and dream pop, all while providing some of the most unusual and precise instrumentation I have ever heard. My suggestion is to find the 1987 4AD Records compilation Lonely is an Eyesore as a starting point for Dif Juz, an album that contains the song provided below plus samples from Dead Can Dance, Clan of Xymox and other 4AD heavyweights from the same era. Essential listening my friends.



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  1. Wesley The Snipert · November 13, 2012

    hello very cool post man!

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