The Tfronky Pick of the Week – Gang of Four

Gang of Four - Solid Gold
Hello everyone,

Back in high school a friend of mine by the name of Josh Lucci introduced me to a band from Leeds, England by the name of Gang of Four. Now at that time I was much more into punk rock than any genre of music that was influenced by the angst and power of punk, but Lucci said I would like this band. Solid Gold was released in 1981, the band’s sophomore effort. I was immediately blown away by the power, intelligence, precision and integrity of this amazing slab of vinyl and I immediately made the trip to the old Tower Records by Christown Mall (reference for you Phoenix natives) to buy the album. 28 years later I still own that original copy and naturally have it on CD as well today.

In my humble opinion no band comes close to matching Gang of Four’s style of post punk and more important, I cannot think of a band that created more compelling and thought-provoking lyrics. Gang of Four not only provoked an intense emotional response to the music but inspired the listener to actually take time out to listen to the lyrics. Solid Gold remains one of my all-time favorite albums, a piece of vinyl I can put on and play from start to finish anytime and be thoroughly “entertained”.

This clip is a live version of “He’d Send in the Army” from the 1982 concert film Urgh! A Music War. Andy Gill is one of my two all-time favorite guitarists, you will see why after watching this video. Wayne Barnes is going to love this. BTW, try and tell me this is not the coolest back cover on an album OF EVER.




  1. Robert Dean · October 15, 2012

    You have such a way with words…….positively mellifluous.

    • tfronky · October 15, 2012

      Yes the words do flow when it’s about great music. Thank you Bob.

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