The Tfronky Pick of the Week – CH3

Rips 10-12-2012It has been a year, maybe more since I last saw CH3 play a show here in town when Boston’s The Freeze opened for them at Hollywood Alley. I love many of the bands that were on Posh Boy Records including T.S.O.L. and one of my all-time favorite bands, Agent Orange. CH3 released its debut full-length Fear of Life in 1982 on that label and it still sounds just as fresh 30 years later.

The band will be playing this coming Friday night October 12 at Rips, a great little dive bar on 16th Street, just south of Osborn on the east side of the road. The event is being promoted by Desert Sounds Productions and CH3 will have its new album available for purchase that evening. I cannot believe another great punk band from my junior high school days is putting out new material.

Get there early folks, a slew of great bands will play before CH3 hits the stage. Oh Hell No features Chuck Holder from the mighty Grant and the Geezers, Dirty Hairy with two buddies from the Sunnyslope Crew, then the truly awesome music of Scorpion vs Tarantula will destroy your eardrums before CH3 finishes out the night. Trust me, seeing SvT live is enough to make this an incredible night of rock and roll.

Here is a little taste of CH3 for the uninitiated, one of my favorite songs from the band. Enjoy.



One comment

  1. Juk · October 11, 2012

    Rips is located on 16th st just north of Thomas!

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