The Tfronky Pick of the Week – PiL

Public Image Limited was always one of those bands that I respected the heck out of but never became a huge fan of their unique style of post punk. I preferred the straight-forward punk rock of The Sex Pistols when lead singer John Lydon was known as Johnny Rotten. The Pistols lived a very short life while PiL was part of public consciousness from 1978-1992 before disbanding.

I am pretty excited that John Lydon has brought PiL back to release its first new album in 20 years This is PiL. The band will be performing at the Marquee Theater Tuesday, October 30 and from what I have heard the new album is pretty impressive. Click the Silver Platter link for information about the PiL concert, including info about one of my favorite local bands that will be opening!

I am willing to bet PiL will not be playing my favorite Public Image Ltd. song “Bad Life” from the 1984 album This is What You Want This is What You Get. It is pure Lydon at his snotty and obnoxious best, I absolutely love it.



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