Palladia is awesome. So is this live clip of “Run” from Snow Patrol.

2009 V Fest Snow PatrolPalladia is an awesome cable channel. Last night the channel was televising performances from the 2009 V Festival in the UK. I turned the TV off an hour later after watching some awesome performances from Elbow, The Killers and this unbelievable live version of “Run” from Snow Patrol.

It was also an educational hour of TV. I learned that:

  1. US crowds suck. Snow Patrol barely fills Comerica Theatre here and completely owns this huge crowd at the V Festival.
  2. I need to add this festival to my bucket list.
  3. It must be awesome as a performer to watch the crowd at your show completely lose their mind while performing, so cool to hear Gary Lightbody’s responses to the crowd at the :48 and 2:03 moments of the clip. Seriously, this is one of the best live videos I have ever witnessed. Enjoy.



One comment

  1. Dave Marsh · July 24, 2012

    Buy this album NOW! It is beautiful and, at the same time, will tear your guts out. It is a musical journey well worth taking.

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