The Tfronky Pick of the Week – Mew

Mew - And the Glass Handed KitesI am going to toot my own horn briefly. I can put together a killer mix tape, and the nice thing about that is when I play one of those random discs I generally hear a band that I love but had not played in a while. I am on this mission to play every single song from my iTunes playlist and rank all of them. Now while I make significant dents in that quantity every week the fact remains I still have about 1700 songs to go. Therefore, I miss out on listening to a lot of music I love because of this mission, a task that causes me to listen to too much Dave Matthews Band, 50 Cent, Jay-Z and Ice Cube. I have determined I like one Jay-Z tune, one from 50 Cent, maybe five DMB tracks and only old school Cube. I am grateful that when my computer was built six years ago the guy that did so added a second hard drive and put all the music he owned on there, but a lot of that music just grates on me. Thanks B-Rad, but I do not share your love of those artists.

Last night I played one of my mix discs in the car and a Danish band by the name of Mew came on, the first track from the band’s 2005 release And the Glass Handed Kites. The song is basically an instrumental by the name of “Circuitry of the Wolf”. The entire album was written as a single suite, absent of the customary transitions in between tracks. It is an exceptional album and the band is one of many that Bobby Lerma from The Father Figures has introduced me to over the years.

Folks, Mondays will now be reserved for the “Tfronky Pick of the Week”, a band or solo artist I want to highlight. Hopefully many of the picks will be artists not instantly recognizable, providing an opportunity for you to discover some new music. I hope you like some of the picks.

We shall start with Mew. Here is an unbelievable live clip from a show in Copenhagen. “Circuitry of the Wolf” leads things off with the segway into “Chinaberry Tree” occurring at the 2:46 mark. Stellar stuff, enjoy.



6 thoughts on “The Tfronky Pick of the Week – Mew

  1. I agree that Frank can put together some great CD’s and I appreciate them when I play them. If he could only sing!

    • Yes, I am a psycho when it comes to the iTunes library. It has been a process that has taken a couple of years and the problem is I keep buying more music to add to it!

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