Autumn’s End releases “The Siren’s Lament”

Autumn's End - The Siren's Lament

Hey everybody,

This past Friday the 13th had nothing to do with bad luck since Autumn’s End was in full force at Joe’s Grotto. Most of you know what kind of music I usually listen to, so I don’t get to many metal shows. These guys are the real deal, gut-wrenching in-your-face metal that is heavy without the plague of being generic which I feel invalidates a lot of the bands that play that genre of music.

Autumn’s End released its second full-length album The Siren’s Lament on this evening and unleashed a monster show to commemorate the event. It was nice to see a good crowd at the show and I have always liked the set-up of Joe’s Grotto. The band was in prime form, tight as heck and loud as hell. I may be biased since I have known frontman/lead singer/guitarist Chris Cannella for over 15 years now. Go eat it if you think that, he knows how I feel about this band and his past projects, so that is all that matters to me.

If you missed the show click this link to order the disc. Solid disc my friends, guaranteed to rattle your eardrums. Hear is a sneak preview, a live clip in studio from last year of the second track from the album, “Arise from Slumber”. Cheers.


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