Tfronky’s concert and event picks for April

Now isn’t that a more appropriate title? At this point in my life these posts are more for me than anyone else, a reminder of shows that I need to see. April is going to be a good month, lots of great events including Record Store Day on April 21. I will be grilling burgers at Stinkweeds that day, so come by so I can laugh at you when you place an order for something special. Alas, check out this list of great shows and events!

Yucca Tap Room 3-31-2012Saturday March 31 – 11th Annual Cowtown PHXAM After Party – Yucca Tap Room. Yes, I can read, this is an April post. Deal with it, this show to end the month of March is going to be outstanding. The all-day skateboarding event will climax with a killer show out in the parking lot of the Yucca Tap Room as well as inside the bar. No Age headlines the festivities outside on the main stage. I have to admit, I do not know a lot about the band. What I do know is my music idol Bob Mould has high praise for this band, making it a complete necessity to check them out. Inside The Father Figures and Scorpion vs Tarantula will be tearing it up, this show is gonna rock! By the way, please support the Give Scorpion vs Tarantula Their Band Page Back Facebook page, some douchebag coerced Facebook into removing the original SvT page which is utter BS.

Sunday April 1Igor and the Red ElvisesRhythm Room. This Russian rockabilly/rock/surf band returns to the Rhythm Room for the fifth time since early 2011. I need to check them out having heard many great stories about the live show they deliver.

Thursday April 5Dick Dale – Rhythm Room. It has to be at least 20 years since I last saw this guitar legend deliver an incredible show at the old Electric Ballroom on Apache in Tempe. He smoked on the axe then, smoked in the sixties and still does today. Do not even pretend to be a fan of surf guitar music if you do not count this man as one of your faves.

Wednesday April 11 – Steel PulseMarquee Theatre. No, these guys aren’t still around are they? Interesting, may have to go and see what they sound like 36 years after initially forming. I have never seen this band live, loved their clip on that classic 80s live music film Urgh! A Music War.

Friday April 13Suzanne VegaMIM Music Theater. Oh my … “Left of Center” from the Pretty in Pink soundtrack was the first song I ever heard from Suzanne Vega. This brilliant singer/songwriter rose to national prominence with the singles “Luka” and the extraordinary “Tom’s Diner”. I saw her perform February 20, 1993 at Celebrity Theatre (Kitchens of Distinction opened!) and she put on an amazing show. I have yet to see a show at MIM, this may be the perfect time to change that.

Crescent Ballroom 4-13-2012

Friday April 13Face to FaceCrescent Ballroom. Interesting. I have seen these guys twice, an awful show at Boston’s many moons ago and an excellent show at the Cajun House (or Venue of Scottsdale) during the band’s “farewell tour”. Obviously that was not the case and this show is an acoustic concert. What makes me curious is Face to Face will be performing songs from my favorite album of theirs Ignorance is Bliss, an album the band has always sworn to never play songs from. Do I go to this?

Sunday April 15 – Squeeze – Crescent Ballroom. I believe Glenn Tilbrook and Chris Difford are one of the most prolific songwriting duos in history. Love Squeeze, love their music and had the fortune of seeing them years ago at the Cajun House. Everytime I think they are gone they reappear again to deliver wonderful pop tunes such as “Annie Get Your Gun” and “Black Coffee in Bed”. But $41 for a ticket, especially with the shows the next two nights I’m going to?

Monday April 16James – Marquee Theatre. What a band they were … oh are! My introduction to this wonderful Manchester band was “What For” from the Strip-Mine album on MTV’s 120 Minutes. I fell in love with that track and the band just got better with each successive album, releasing classic tracks such as “Laid”, “Sit Down”, “Born of Frustration” and “Say Something”. Ignore the idiots that slagged the band as a Smiths-ripoff, those people have no concept of amazing pop music. Essential concert!

Crescent Ballroom 4-17-2012Tuesday April 17 – fIREHOSE and M. Ward – Crescent Ballroom. There are lots of great shows in April folks. NOTHING IS GOING TO TOP THIS ONE. Yes, I do like M. Ward and saw him at Coachella in 2009, but he is not fIREHOSE. If you have not seen fIREHOSE featuring THE Mike Watt on bass you are in for one special treat. I have seen these guys two or three times and they deliver an incendiary performance every time they step on stage. The band broke up in 1994 and is reuniting after a long 18-year absence. fIREHOSE is only playing two weeks during this reunion tour, so take advantage my friends. I’ll be up front loving life on this evening.

Saturday April 21 – Record Store Day – Stinkweeds. Support your local indie record stores and records in general on this day my friends! Come on by Stinkweeds to grab some great limited releases and hear some great music. Source Victoria will be playing that day, more bands to be announced. The greatest band in the world Elbow will be offering a vinyl 7″ single of the song “McGreggor” that you could previously only get on the DVD of Leaders in the Free World.

Wednesday April 25 – Mill’s End – Long Wongs at the Firehouse. My favorite local Americana band will be on hand this evening, they always put on a good, mellow show, easy to kick back and enjoy some great music when they play.

Saturday April 28 – Benefit for Ross Wincek – Hollywood Alley. I will post more details about this show over time since I just got word of it yesterday. Tom Reardon, bassist and lead singer for The Father Figures is organizing a benefit show for the Alley’s own Ross Wincek who recently suffered a stroke. As of now the line-up is going to include The Father Figures, Chapelle Des Mort (Doug Clark from Mighty Sphincter’s new band), Fat Gray Cat and Dirty Hairy. A simple message on Facebook has already generated tons of support so this will be a great evening for a great cause my friends. Please attend!

There you go folks, at least for starters. I’m sure more will be added. Cheers!


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  1. Dave Marsh · March 30, 2012

    Thanks for the great list and anticipatory reviews, Frank. Super work. If I can get to town, I would love to see the Firehose concert!

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