Concerts for the month of February in the Valley of the Sun … and San Francisco!

Click here to watch a live clip of Sugar performing "A Good Idea"Hello everyone,

It would be really nice if one of you could find me a Bob Mould Copper Blue ticket for the February 24 Copper Blue show at the Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco. I promise I will get you a donut from Karl’s Bakery if you do and yes, they are that delicious. 😉

I digress and really shouldn’t because there are some good shows coming up in February. January was a bummer, nothing jumped out at me so I did not even do a January post. Nobody reads this so I was not too concerned with people missing out on relevant information for a mere 31 days. I could not do that two months in a row though. There are two amazing shows within the first six days of February so let’s get to it!

February 3 and 4Social DistortionMarquee Theatre. You have to remember that when I think of a Social D show I think of venues such as Mad Gardens, The Metro and especially The Temple (how many of you remember the caretaker Frank shooting up the place the night of the Social Distortion show there?) Don’t get me wrong, I like these guys but still have not been able to really get into any of their material since 1983’s punk classic Mommy’s Little Monster. More power to them, I do not believe in the whole “sell-out” bullshit and am happy that Mike Ness is getting the due he richly deserves. They always put on a good show and have a rabid following here in the Valley, I think this is the second visit in a row where a second show had to be added.

February 3 – Snake! Snake! Snakes!Lost Leaf Gallery. I have not seen these guys in quite a while, it would be fun to see them as part of First Friday. Plus, the Lost Leaf is a great venue!

Rogue Bar 2-4-2012February 4The Jealous Sound, Source Victoria and Dust JacketThe Rogue. The wrestling team I coach has a tournament that day. I swear if it goes late into the evening I will be pissed because this is a show I would be really bummed if I arrived late to it. I know I have seen The Jealous Sound when they reunited back in 2009 and opened for Sunny Day Real Estate on that band’s reunion tour with the original line-up. The Jealous Sound played a great show when I saw them in Seattle for the last date of that tour. For some reason I think I also saw them open for Hey Mercedes one of the two times I saw that band but cannot 100% recall for sure. All I know is Kill Them with Kindness is an exceptional album and I am hoping the new one A Gentle Reminder will be even a fraction as good. Source Victoria is on the bill as well and you know how much I love that band. I have not seen Dust Jacket yet. Hopefully I get there in time.

February 4Mill’s EndHollywood Alley. GD Jeff, why do you guys always play the night of a show when an out-of-town band I really like is here? Folks, if you do not hit up The Jealous Sound and Source Victoria then head out to Tempe for some good ol’ alt country from Mill’s End. Good stuff indeed.

Rhythm Room 2-6-2012February 6The LemonheadsRhythm Room. Oh my … I saw The Lemonheads years ago at the Sun Club with yes, Juliana Hatfield on the same bill. Makes sense since the two have quite a history together over the years. Anyway, great show and I figured that was the one time for me ever seeing The Lemonheads live. Fast forward two decades and not only is the band back together but they will be playing It’s a Shame About Ray in its entirety on this evening. The Lemonheads were a part of the great Boston punk scene from the late eighties but Evan Dando’s songwriting talent and good looks helped transform that band into one of the alternative rock darlings of the early nineties. It’s a Shame About Ray is a pop classic, great album and I am really looking forward to seeing it delivered live.

February 9 – Love Me NotsCrescent Ballroom. I’m tired of telling people to go see The Love Me Nots. Well, not really, just tired of more people not getting it and supporting one of the best bands in the Valley. Yes it’s a Thursday night but the show is at the Crescent, so buy yourself a delicious burrito and enjoy a killer 60’s garage band!

Lost Leaf 2-11-2012February 11Snow Songs – Lost Leaf Gallery. I love Snow Songs, Yoli Bejarano has an exquisite voice which is very cool set over the ambient brand of indie pop they play. This show is a benefit for Black Cactus Records to help the label press its upcoming BCR Volume II compilation. These benefits will always feature at least one band from the BCR roster with Former Friends of Young Americans being that artist tonight.

Yucca Tap Room 2-17-2012February 17Necronauts and Source Victoria – Yucca Tap Room. If you miss the Black Cactus Records benefit on February 11 with Snow Songs here is another chance. The Necronauts have been playing here in the Valley for years and can always be counted on for delivering good indie rock live. Plus Source is playing again folks.

February 23 – “Cover the Crescent” with Fatigo, The Bittersweet Way, Fate of the Galaxies & Boys and Frogs – Crescent Ballroom. The Crescent has put on this show before in its brief history, local bands playing a set covering music from a veteran band. This evening we get treated to a night of classic 80’s new wave and Britpop with the four aforementioned bands playing material from The Cure, Depeche Mode, Jesus and Mary Chain and The Smiths. This is a show I have to go to and I will buy the band that is covering the Jesus and Mary Chain drinks if they dare to play any Psychocandy material. That would take ballsy to a new level. I love most of the material from all four bands so it will be fun to see the locals deliver their interpretations.

Bob Mould plays Copper Blue in its entirety at Bottom of the Hill 2-24-2012February 24 – Bob MouldBottom of the Hill in San Francisco. I am such a JACKASS for not buying my ticket for this show right away but still hoping to score one. As I am getting older I am less reluctant to travel out-of-state for a concert. This concert is a definite exception to that rule, one of my idols playing one of my all-time favorite albums in its entirety for the first time ever. Read why I need to go to this show!


Crescent Ballroom 2-25-2012February 25 – Hugh Cornwell, Glen Matlock and The Glass Heroes – Crescent Ballroom. It is always a double-edged sword when long-time veterans from the punk and post-punk scenes of the seventies and eighties come to town. Are they going to show their age, be utterly horrible and make me sad thinking about them in their past glory? Or will they be like Mark Burgess from The Chameleons and deliver one of the best concerts of last year? It is a crap shoot but the fact is I never saw The Sex Pistols or The Stranglers, so it is hard for me to rationalize not seeing former Stranglers vocalist and guitarist Hugh Cornwell and former Sex Pistols original bassist and songwriter Glen Matlock. Plus, the Valley’s own Glass Heroes open the evening so this will be a show of classic old-school punk rock.

Rips 2-25-2012February 25 – Father Figures and Scorpion vs TarantulaRips. Option #2 if I do not go to the Mould show would be to go to Rips Saturday the 25th to see The Father Figures and Scorpion vs Tarantula play another ferocious show together. Both bands were a part of that incredible X show back on December 9 and both completely shredded that evening. The Father Figures have been playing lots of new material so we can safely expect more of the same. New album soon?

February 25Megadeth and MotorheadComerica Theatre. The 2012 Gigantour features one of the Big Four in Megadeth. Slayer is my favorite and Anthrax may be the most fun but Megadeth is by far the most professional thrash band of the Big Four. (Yes I am leaving one band out.) Motorhead was thrash long before that genre had even been coined and “Ace of Spades” still peels paint off the walls.

Way too many good shows the weekend of the 24-25, you can’t go wrong with any of those picks. Enjoy and make sure to get out to see some live music.



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  1. Dafydd · January 31, 2012

    Sure hope you can score a Bob Mould ticket, but, if you can’t, then I will be up there for the 25th. Really, really enjoyed the Father Figures and Scorpion/Tarantula at the X show. See you there!

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