Tfronky’s concert picks for November in the Valley of the Sun

Source Victoria CD Release Show 11-25-2011Hello everybody,

I can’t believe we are already up to November of this year. 2011 went by WAY too fast. There are plenty of great shows this month, one that features one-half of one of my all-time favorite bands, two CD release shows from a couple of great local bands, a band performing that features a member of the Sunnyslope Crew that I have known since grade school and the return of my favorite FatCat Records band after a great show at the Rhythm Room last year. I will miss a few of these because I will be in Seattle November 9-14, Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings one night, The Appleseed Cast another and lots of coffee in between. The weather is finally getting nice, a perfect opportunity to get out of the house and enjoy some good shows around town. Anyway, here we go!

Thursday November 3 – Peter MurphyMarquee Theatre. The true Godfather of Goth in my opinion with due respect to Andrew Eldritch, Peter Murphy has created some pretty spectacular work over the years, both as the leader of Bauhaus and a solo artist since 1986. His third solo release Deep still ranks as one of my all-time favorite albums. I had the fortune of seeing him perform twice at Mesa Amphitheatre during the tour for that album, once two or three years ago at the Marquee Theatre and once during a Bauhaus reunion (ten years or so ago maybe?) at Mesa Amphitheatre. His latest album Ninth does very little for me but I am sure classics such as “Cuts You Up”, “All Night Long” and “A Strange Kind of Love” will be in the set.

Dirty Hairy and Bob Log III at Chopper Johns 11-4-2011Friday November 4 – Bob Log III and Dirty HairyChopper Johns. Whoa, whoa, whoa, THE Bob Log III at Chopper Johns? Folks, this show will be out of control, Bob Log III is a one-man show that plays the slide guitar while wearing a full body human cannonball suit and a pilot’s helmet wired to a telephone receiver. I can still remember the Doo Rag days from years ago. I’m sure the rest of the Sunnyslope Crew does as well. 😉 Dirty Hairy opens and from talking to longtime friend from the Desert View days, lead singer Shelton Valentine, there will be more “give-a-ways” during this performance. I still have my official Dirty Hairy ball, need a set. 😉

Saturday and Sunday, November 5-6 – Downtown Chamber SeriesIce House. Dario Miranda from Stinkweeds ALWAYS puts this show as his Staff Pick for the Silver Platter and since he is a true music resource it is time I take his advice. Click the Downtown Chamber Series link I provided for more information since I am a complete novice to this performance.

We Were Promised Jetpacks and Bear Hands at the Crescent Ballroom 11-8-2011Tuesday November 8 – We Were Promised Jetpacks and Bear HandsCrescent Ballroom. WWPJ and Bear Hands played together at the Rhythm Room February 23 last year and the show was among my Top Ten Concerts for 2010. We Were Promised Jetpacks quite simply are one of the most intense bands creating music at the present time, but they deliver music loaded with pop hooks as well. It makes for one incredible style of music and one ferocious show live. The band’s new album In the Pit of the Stomach may be better than their debut full-length from 2009, a very frightening proposition. Bear Hands were terrific that evening as well so looking forward to seeing them again. Plus, this will be my first venture into the main venue at the Crescent Ballroom, sweet!

The Father Figures and Labor Party at the George and Dragon 11-12-2011Saturday November 12 – The Father Figures and Labor PartyGeorge and Dragon. ARGH! One of THREE shows on Saturday November 12 I will miss. However, I am not apologizing for being in Seattle that week. 🙂 The Father Figures will be opening for X on December 9 so I will have another chance to see them this year. You should know by now how much I love this band, go find out why for yourself. They played a killer opening set for JFA at Hollywood Alley in October. Labor Party smokes as well, a killer three-piece garage rock and punk band that destroys when they play live.

Autumn's End CD Release Show 11-12-2011Saturday November 12 – Autumn’s End CD release show – The Clubhouse. VERY important show my friends! I am very selective about the metal I listen to and Autumn’s End has been a primo choice for years. Chris Cannella is a magician on the axe, delivering ultra-brutal riffs that pummel the senses. I’m fortunate enough to own their debut EP, self-titled full-length debut and their sophomore effort Act of Attrition. This show is the official CD release party for the band’s third full-length The Siren’s Lament. The disc comes out nationally in January 2012 but the locals can get it now. This is not your stereotypical death metal folks, these guys throw some very cool and unique twists and turns in the music to keep it interesting. Plus, they seriously shred hard! Sorry I will be out-of-town for this Chris. 😦

Love Me Nots at Crescent Ballroom 11-12-2011Saturday November 12 – The Love Nots – Crescent Ballroom. Option #3 for you folks that are in town (unlike me) that weekend. The Love Me Nots have been playing out here in town quite a bit lately, I hope you have taken the time to go see at least one of their shows because they are an enormously talented band. There are plenty of hooks mixed in with the 60’s garage rock they create, an outstanding combination. If you have to miss this show they will also be opening for X on December 9 at Club Red!

Sunday November 13 – Funeral Party – Marquee Theatre. I am up and down in regards to the Funeral Party. They have some extremely catchy and fun tunes but too many that leave me shaking my head. “New York City Moves to the Sound of L.A.” is a great song though.

Chameleons vox, Black Swan Lane and The Captives at the Rhythm Room 11-14-2011Monday November 14 – Chameleons vox, Black Swan Lane and The CaptivesRhythm Room. Rather than try to create something new about this concert I think I will copy and paste what I wrote for the Silver Platter about this show, my current staff pick. Needless to say I am incredibly stoked for this show and will be right up front, staring in utter awe of the magnificence of Mark Burgess the entire show.

The impact Manchester bred The Chameleons had on the world of post punk still resonates in a huge way today. This brilliant band created three amazing studio albums between 1981-1987 before disbanding. The Chameleons briefly reunited in 2000 but three years later dissolved once again. Fast forward six years and singer/bassist Mark Burgess and second drummer Jon Lever began playing together once again, this time as Chameleons vox. Joining Chameleons vox are Neil Dwerryhouse on guitar from Sons of God, a Burgess solo project, and guitarist Chris Oliver and bassist Ray Bowles from the Manchester band Bushart. The Chameleons never became the massive band they should have been, but Chameleons vox brings to life 24 years after the end of the band’s original run the incredible catalog in concert. Expect to hear plenty of amazing gems from Script of the Bridge, What Does Anything Mean? Basically and Strange Times.
The Chameleons influence is part of Black Swan Lane as well, as the band was formed in 2007 by Jack Sobel and John Kolbeck, formerly of The Messengers and Mark Burgess. The band released its fourth album Staring Down The Path Of Sound back in August of this year, the first without Burgess as part of the project. Lauren Fay joined Sobel and Kolbeck on the album, providing backing vocals.
Phoenix’s own dream pop band The Captives have not played in quite a while, so this show is a welcome return for the band. Tom Laman on vocals and Eddie Lebario on guitars form a great combination and the beautiful guitars from Lebario simply shimmer.
The Rhythm Room is going to be a great, intimate setting for such a great show, don’t miss this!

This could be the show of the year folks!

Saturday November 19 – Sacred ReichFoundry on First. Hey, they were one of the better local thrash metal bands back in the day along with the Jason Newsted-era Flotsam and Jetsam. I think I still have 1987’s Ignorance on vinyl.

Fishbone at the Crescent Ballroom 11-20-2011Sunday November 20 – Fishbone – Crescent Ballroom. These guys were sooooooo good back in the day, I still remember an unbelievable show at The Metro on 7th Avenue and Camelback back in high school. They also played a very good show opening for The Cramps years ago at Desert Sky Pavilion for one of those radio fests here in town (don’t think it was a KUKQ fest, anyone know?). I also remember a serious POS performance from them at the Electric Ballroom (pretty sure that was the third venue I saw them at), so have not made a point of seeing them again. What the heck though? It would be fun to see “Ugly”, “Lyin’ Ass Bitch”, “Sunless Saturday” or “It’s a Wonderful Life (Gonna Have a Good Time)” performed live again.

Sunday November 20 – MorrisseyOrpheum Theatre. I would go see Fishbone before The Moz but this still provides an interesting option. I saw a few songs from Morrissey at Coachella 2009 and he still sounds pretty good. Too bad the personal politics are so irritating. Seriously, you are going to complain during a festival that you can smell meat? Morrissey has created some wonderful singles over the years. Unfortunately, other than his third solo offering, the amazing Your Arsenal from 1992, his albums are pretty inconsistent.

Tuesday November 22 – StingComerica Theatre. Lots of ego but it is hard to ignore what this artist has created since The Police broke up in 1986. I will probably blow off the concert and just listen to 1994’s Fields of Gold compilation, but you never know.

Pinky Tuscadero's White Knuckle Assfuck and Bourbon Witch at Hollywood Alley 11-23-2011Wednesday November 23 – Pinky Tuscadero’s White Knuckle Assfuck and Bourbon WitchHollywood Alley. Yes folks, you read the name of that first band correctly. Pinky is one of the former bands bassist/lead singer Tom Reardon from The Father Figures played in during his career. Bourbon Witch is the brainchild of Rob Birmingham. “Fun Bobby” used to be an Arizona resident and will be visiting Arizona for the Thanksgiving holiday. Come celebrate Fun Bobby’s birthday at Hollywood Alley this evening. What the hell, Thanksgiving is the next day so you can sleep in!

Source Victoria CD Release Show 11-25-2011Friday November 25 – Source Victoria CD release show – Crescent Ballroom. FINALLY! I have been raving about this band since I first saw them open for Adam Franklin January 15, 2010. I have no idea how many times I have seen them play since then; it’s a lot, I know that. Frontman Brendan Murphy told me March of last year the band was going into the studio to work on a follow-up to 2007’s The Fast Escape. I am sure it had to be frustrating for the band how long this process has taken, but as a fan I can tell you the wait has been brutal. No longer! Great songs that I have been seeing the band perform live for the past year-plus including “Nobody Knows But Me” and “Once I’m Dead” are finally on disc. This is going to be a very special evening folks and I cannot emphasize enough how much I hope tons of people show up for this CD release party. Bring your family and friends that are in town for the Thanksgiving holiday, this will be a great way to spend the evening after a day of shopping for Black Friday. I understand that Colorstore has been added to the bill, wonderful!

As always, please let me know if I forgot any shows my friends. Now get off your ass and get to some shows.



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