Yeah I know, I still haven’t posted a review yet of The National from last week. But in the meantime …

Matt Berninger in the crowd singing "Terrible Love" at the Marquee Theatre, 10/14/2010

Source Victoria leader Brendan Murphy shared an unbelievable new video of “Terrible Love” from The National. The original version is the first track on the band’s latest album High Violet, which as of today is my pick for Best Album of 2010.

Back on September 30 anyone on the email list for The National received an email about an upcoming reissue of High Violet. If you are not on that list … well, shame on you first of all. But here is the excerpt from the email that talks about High Violet:

“First off, you may have read about this already but on November 22nd/23rd, we’ll be releasing an expanded edition of High Violet with two previously unreleased studio recordings (“Wake Up Your Saints” and “You Were A Kindness”), b-sides, live recordings, and an alternate version of the album’s lead track “Terrible Love.”  The expanded edition will be available digitally and as a deluxe, limited edition double cd.”

As this year has gone on my love for this band has continued to increase. After the performance The National delivered last week at the Marquee Theatre, they very well may be my current second favorite band behind Elbow.

“Terrible Love” was one of the highlights of the set, with lead singer Matt Berninger taking his mike into the crowd during the second half of the song. The new version of this track is incredible, making purchase of the reissue in November a necessity.

Sorry I don’t have a cool enough blog or enough knowledge to embed the video into this post. Just click the link at the beginning of the post and check it out for yourself. If you own High Violet I have a feeling you will agree with me that this new version absolutely smokes the original. That is scary, because the original version of “Terrible Love” is pretty dang good.

I’ll try to get the review up by the end of the weekend. Best show of the year so far!




  1. Dave Marsh · October 20, 2010

    Matt Berninger is a fantastic frontman, a great singer and songwriter. This band delivers a fantastic concert, and this video is terrific.

  2. Seth · October 21, 2010

    Yes, video and version of this song are absolutely amazing.

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