Do yourself a favor. Go see The National tonight.

The NationalDo it. Seriously. High Violet may very well be the Album of the Year. The National is a rare case of a band that takes the art to dizzying heights, creating some of the best music of this generation. Call them indie-rock, orchestral pop, alternative, whatever. Simply put, The National is creating some of the most relevant music in the industry today.

The band easily could have bypassed playing in Arizona like other bands have (Band of Horses or Interpol anyone?), but instead The National drafted a statement a few months ago regarding their feelings on SB1070 and their decision to still play two shows in Arizona. Right there is reason enough this show tonight should and needs to be a sell-out.

Get off your asses people! Too many people in the Valley of the Sun whine about the lack of great shows here. This will be one of the best of the year, so no excuses.



One comment

  1. Seth · October 14, 2010

    That was a fantastic show. I am glad I didn’t miss it. His voice was surreal live.

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