Snake! Snake! Snakes! CD Release Party Tonight At The Rhythm Room!

Snake! Snake! Snakes! EP Release Show flyerHello everybody,

It seems like it has been a long time since I went to a show. August is a good month and gets rolling with a great show tonight. A killer band I have not seen before, Snake! Snake! Snakes!, will be headlining tonight over at the Rhythm Room. 4 bands for only $10, and for a very special event. You cannot beat it folks!

Opening the festivities will be Ladylike, Dust Jacket and Gospel Claws. Psyko Steve always put together great line-ups for the shows he does, particularly when showcasing local talent for an event like this one. Show up early and support local music my friends.

This will be my first time seeing Snake! Snake! Snakes! play live. If you have been hiding under a rock like me and have not seen them play yet, then click on the MySpace link I just provided for you. This band plays a very melodic and epic form of indie-rock, right up this listener’s alley. I am very stoked to see these guys jam tonight!

This show is the CD release party for their self-titled EP. It is an all-ages show, it’s cheap, four great bands, one of my favorite venues in town and a CD release party. C’mon people, this will be a great way to spend your Wednesday evening!




  1. Brad Wiatr · August 13, 2010

    How did you end up liking the show, Frank? The cancellation of Dust Jacket last minute was a bit disappointing; I was interested in seeing them live.

  2. tfronky · August 13, 2010

    Thanks Brad. I really enjoyed the show, Snake! Snake! Snakes! are a very good band live. I haven’t listened to the EP yet.

    Gospel Claws was good, bummed I missed Ladylike.

    Only drawback of that show, and the reason I haven’t written a review yet (and probably won’t), is the fans of Snake! Snake! Snakes! were jackasses. You don’t chant a band name over and over during a show, particularly while they are playing! Also, what about the idiot that spilled the beer onstage and ruined the band’s equipment? He probably doesn’t even care that he did because he got his 10 seconds of fame.

    I’ll get off my soapbox now. I prefer live music over studio, but if their fans are always like that it will be hard for me to go see them often, which really bothers me.

  3. Brad Wiatr · August 15, 2010

    Hi Frank,

    I’d agree. I’ve seen other Snakes! shows where their fans weren’t as rowdy and I had a better overall experience. This time it was a bit much and seemed to cheapen the show. The whole thing ended very oddly for me; very anti-climactic due to the odd fan behavior during the encore, the ruining of Snakes! equipment, and even the misquoted EP price.

    I left the show going “what the hell just happened?”, and not in a good way.


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