HotR Playlist from July 31, 2010

This Is Phoenix Not The Circle JerksHello everybody,

I have had the fortune of being a guest DJ four times now on the Silver Platter radio show on When an opportunity arose for a guest spot on the main show Henri hosts, Henri on the Radio, which is from 8:00-10:00pm Friday nights, I HAD to say yes! Two hours of playing any music of my choice?! Needless to say I was really excited at the prospect of putting together my first playlist for HotR, and for my first (?) appearance as a guest DJ on the program I decided to roll out an all-Arizona line-up of great artists.

Here is Tfronky’s first Henri on the Radio playlist:

  1. 40 Watt Las Vegas – “Navigating by Stars” from Ode to Coco Lopez
  2. Autumn’s End – “The Dirge” from Act of Attrition
  3. Calexico – “Deep Down” from Garden Ruin
  4. Conflict – “Feedback Symposium” from This is Phoenix Not the Circle Jerks
  5. The Consumers – “Anti, Anti, Anti” from All My Friends are Dead
  6. Dead Hot Workshop – “Last Train Ride” from White House
  7. The Father Figures – “Theme” from the band’s 1st demo
  8. Fish Karma – “Baby Let’s Be Methodists Tonight” from Teddy in the Sky With Magnets
  9. Gin Blossoms – “Found Out About You” from Dusted
  10. Half String – “A Fascination With Heights” from A Fascination With Heights
  11. The Jetzons – “Dressed to Kill” from Made In America
  12. J.F.A. – “Great Equalizer” from Valley of the Yakes
  13. Jimmy Eat World – “No Sensitivity (live)” from Clarity Live
  14. Kings of Last Call – “From Memory” from From Memory
  15. The Love Me Nots – “Keep Talking” from In Black and White
  16. Mighty Sphincter – “Temple Dogs” from This is Phoenix Not the Circle Jerks
  17. The Other 49 – “Aeris” from A Cold Open
  18. Source Victoria – “Opportunistic” from The Fast Escape
  19. The Tellers – “Let it Be” from We’re The Tellers So Plug Your Ears!
  20. Zany Guys – “Zany Theme” from This is Phoenix Not the Circle Jerks

I called this show my Anti-Sound Strike show, which is why I played nothing but artists from the state of Arizona. I guess a more positive spin on things would be to call this the Artists for Action show. Rather than try to explain what Artists for Action is all about, I think it would be far more educational for you to check out the Artists for Action website and read for yourself what this coalition of Arizona artists is trying to accomplish. Regardless of how you feel about SB 1070, the fact there are so many irrelevant dbag artists that feel boycotting the state of Arizona is the logical way to voice opposition sickens me. Artists for Action is trying to counteract that and I wish them well in their endeavors.

This 20 song playlist was an absolute joy to compile. Six of the bands were around when I was in grade school, junior high and high school, and all six still make an impact on me today. That playlist features many genres of music, from punk rock to the desert rock Tempe scene of the 90’s to alternative rock from down south in Tucson to indie rock to dreampop to metal. I am really proud of the great music that has come out of this state during the last five decades.

A quick history lesson for the uninitiated!

40 Watt Las Vegas, The Father Figures and The Tellers are three bands one of my best friends Bobby Lerma has played drums in during his long career on the skins. 40 Watt, my favorite band he played in, delivered some killer indie rock during their time, The Father Figures are a current post-punk band that mesh elements of Fugazi and Interpol, and The Tellers were a powerful 60’s garage rock band.

Autumn’s End is a great metal band led by an old friend by the name of Chris Cannella on vocals and guitar. Metal can sound pretty repetitive, but Autumn’s End keep things very unique and fresh. I am seriously jazzed they are playing live again!

Calexico and Fish Karma both hail from Tucson. Calexico is an outstanding indie rock band with plenty of other genres thrown in the mix, while Fish Karma is a solo artist that mixes folk music with the energy, irreverence and lyricism of punk rock.

Conflict, J.F.A., Mighty Sphincter and The Zany Guys were four classic Arizona punk rock bands that appeared on Placebo Records classic Arizona punk compilation This Is Phoenix Not The Circle Jerks. I picked a Jody Foster’s Army song from their full-length debut Valley Of The Yakes, but for the other three bands I picked songs from that compilation. Hard to believe I was listening to these bands back in junior high and high school and they are STILL relevant today. All old-school punks from Phoenix should own this amazing slab of vinyl.

The Consumers were creating quality punk rock back in 1977 when the whole world was focused on U.K. punk bands like The Sex Pistols, The Clash and The Damned. The one album they released may very well be the crowning achievement of old-school punk rock. Thanks to Tom Reardon, bassist and vocalist from The Father Figures for giving this disc to Bobby Lerma whom I received it from!

Dead Hot Workshop and The Gin Blossoms were two of the leaders of the Tempe desert rock scene of the late eighties and nineties. Many a night was spent at the Sun Club and Long Wongs watching these two great bands during my college years.

Half String produced some gorgeous dreampop during their time. Featuring Brandon Capps on vocals and guitar, who played with  Bobby Lerma in The Tellers, the band also featured Kimber Lanning from Stinkweeds Records on the drums.

The Jetzons were formed out of the ashes of Billy Clone and the Same. During their brief existence in the early eighties no band was better in Arizona when it came to creating classic danceable indie-pop. Go to Last.FM and download their one EP, an essential piece for any music collection.

Jimmy Eat World has been one of the most successful bands to come out of the Valley of the Sun. March of 2009 they played the entire Clarity album live on a 10-date tour, culminating with an incredible performance at the Marquee Theatre in Tempe. Clarity was the band’s watershed disc, and the band recorded that Tempe show and released it digitally April of 2009.

The Love Me Nots are another 60’s garage rock band. Maybe The Tellers were ahead of their time since not enough people noticed them, because fortunately for The Love Me Nots they are gaining some national and international attention, deservedly so because they create some ultra-frenetic, fun music.

Last, Kings of Last Call, The Other 49 and Source Victoria are three current bands here in the Valley of the Sun that I have seen for the first time in 2010. Kings of Last Call play a style the recalls that wonderful desert rock era, but add in plenty of unique elements to make the music all their own. The Other 49 are an amazing band that remind me of all the best elements of Juno and The Appleseed Cast. The band plays an incendiary, yet very delicate style of indie rock that will make your head spin. These guys are incredible. Source Victoria is working on their follow-up to The Fast Escape, and from what I have heard this disc is going to be an outstanding release. I love this band’s style of dreampop.

There are several guys from Kings of Last Call, The Other 49 and Source Victoria I have had the fortune of becoming friends with this year. It is outstanding when musicians from cool bands are great people as well, thank you Aaron, Brad, Brendan, Justin and Rick!

I had a ball doing this show! I hope you take the time to check out the band links I provided for you and explore the myriad of stellar music this state has produced over the years. More important, if the band happens to be a current one, please go check them out live sometime. Support the scene!




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  2. Dave Marsh · August 1, 2010

    I thought your lineup was extraordinary, Frank. Except I couldn’t relate real well to Autumn’s End — a bit too heavy for me. Thanks for the list, and the insights you have into all the bands. You are unbelieveably knowledgeable about such things.

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