Silver Platter Playlist from July 29, 2010

Silver PlatterHello everybody,

Thursday July 29 I had an opportunity to guest DJ on the Silver Platter radio show on for the fourth time. Once again, a big thanks to Radio Phoenix and Henri for the opportunity to do this. As you know (or should know by now), the program is dedicated to showcasing artists that will be coming to the Valley of the Sun. Support these bands for refusing to bow to the BS that is Sound Strike and coming to play here live!

Here are the artists and songs I played on that evening:

  1. Reverend Horton HeatI’m Mad
  2. CalexicoDeep Down
  3. SlayerWar Ensemble
  4. MegadethHoly Wars … The Punishment Due
  5. Stan RidgwayMexican Radio
  6. Modern EnglishI Melt With You (best song of all-time by the way)
  7. DevoPeek-A-Boo!
  8. The NationalMistaken for Strangers
  9. Ra Ra RiotEach Year



One comment

  1. mode20100 · August 25, 2010

    A+ would read again

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