Friday, June 18, Marquee Theatre. You would do well to enjoy some CAKE that evening!

CAKE at 2007 Monolith Festival

Hello everybody!

Friday, June 18 is a concert I have been utterly stoked for the moment I heard it announced. CAKE will be appearing at the Marquee Theatre! Even better news is the fact they will be appearing solo, no opening act, just 100% CAKE. No pun intended, but that is sweet!

I have to be honest. When MTV started showing CAKE‘s video for The Distance in 1996, to say I was NOT a fan is an understatement. The song did absolutely nothing for me. The problem with basing my opinion of the band from one song is the chance I may have never gotten another opportunity to experience the brilliance of their work.

Fast forward to September 2007, Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, Colorado. The first Monolith Music Festival was taking place the weekend of September 14-15. I was primarily there to see Editors and the Flaming Lips for the first time. CAKE was headlining night one of the festival.

After some amazing performances that first day from Editors, Ghostland Observatory, Mobius Band and I think Ra Ra Riot (can’t remember for sure if they were Day One or Two), sticking around to see a headliner I had no interest in was not at the top of my list. Finally I figured what the heck, I’m here, I already paid my money, I may as well stay.

That was the best decision I made all weekend …

CAKE was the best surprise of the weekend for me in every respect. I realized that a few of the songs played on this evening I had heard before, Short Skirt, Long Jacket and Never There being two that immediately jumped out at me. They even pulled out a unique cover of Black Sabbath’s classic War Pigs, complete with horns and air sirens!

However, it was the song Sheep Go to Heaven from the 1998 release Prolonging the Magic that hooked me. The chorus of “Sheep Go To Heaven, Goats Go To Hell” absolutely had me in stitches. What astonished me was the realization that most, if not all of the crowd was singing along!

As good as the music was, it was the performance of vocalist and front-man John McCrea that truly blew me away and sold me on the fact CAKE is a great band. This man possesses an engaging personality onstage, one full of humor and an ability to involve the crowd upon command. The manner in which he coerced the crowd to sing-a-long during the choruses of Sheep Go To Heaven and Short Skirt, Long Jacket, among others was outstanding. Normally a front-man can make that type of audience play boring and contrived. That was not the case here, you WANTED to sing-a-long when he told you to!

Needless to say I left Red Rocks that evening a converted fan and have been anxiously waiting for an appearance in Arizona ever since. Finally!

No opener and a new album due this fall. This is going to be one special evening of CAKE. If you do not have tickets yet and are looking for a place to buy them cheap, send me a note. I have sources. 🙂



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