Tfronky’s Concert Picks for the Month of June!

It dawned on me that I forgot to do an events calendar for the month of May. How very thoughtless of me, I will make every effort to not allow that to occur again! Without further adieu, here is a list of recommended concerts for the month of June!

Saturday, May 29 – DomoYucca Tap Room. Yes, I know, this is a May show. Shut it up. But I had to mention the Domo CD release party! I saw these guys a few months ago when Domo played a show at the Yucca Tap Room opening for Source Victoria. Great band, tons of energy, and I am a firm believer in hitting a show when a local band I like is releasing a new disc. Support local music!

Wednesday, June 16 – GBHThe Clubhouse. Wait a minute. GBH? As in Charged GBH? As in Grevious Bodily Harm? As in the old-school UK punk band? Holy cow, I have not seen these guys since a show back in 1986 or 87 at The Metro. I think they were on tour in support of the Midnight Madness and Beyond album. Well, these old-school Brit punks just released a new record this year entitled Perfume and Piss. City Baby Attacked by Rats is one of my all-time favorite punk discs, so I just may have to go to this show.

Friday, June 18 – CAKEMarquee Theatre. Have some respect, you do capitalize all four letters when referring to CAKE. I have to admit, I had no use for this band until I saw them at the Monolith Festival in 2007 as the headliner for the first evening. I stuck around to see their set, more as an afterthought than anything. Needless to say I was blown away! CAKE puts on an incredible show, and frontman John McCrea is in my opinion one of the best in the business. That guy knows how to get a crowd involved and sing along with the band. Being a part of the chorus with an entire crowd at Red Rocks Amphitheatre during Sheep Go to Heaven and Short Skirt, Long Jacket was a glorious time. Guaranteed that this concert has a legitimate shot to be my pick for Concert of the Year (a spot owned by A Place to Bury Strangers now).

Tuesday, June 22 – Cowboy JunkiesCompound Grill. It only makes sense that I would eventually make a point of seeing a show at The Compound since that is one of the venues I update for the Silver Platter website. I like the Cowboy Junkies style of alt country, and their cover of Sweet Jane from the Velvet Underground is mesmerizing.

Saturday, June 26 – Labor PartyHollywood Alley. Back in January I saw for the first time Labor Party live at the Rogue East. They were part of a great night of rock and roll with the Father Figures. Disclaimer: a buddy from high school by the name of Buck Ellis drums for this band. Tell you what though, I love this band even if Buck was not on the skins. Ultra-frenetic garage rock with a heavy punk edge, these guys blew me away. The Earps and Vinyl .45 are also on the bill. You definitely want to arrive in time to see Labor Party tear it up!

Tuesday, June 29 – Face to FaceCricket Wireless Pavilion (Van Warped Tour). The only band on this year’s bill I would care to see. I have seen Face to Face twice; a horrible show at Boston’s years ago, then a killer show during their “farewell tour” at the Cajun House (or was it the Venue of Scottsdale by then?) I think it is BS that lead singer Trever Keith refuses to play anything from the band’s best album (in my opinion) Ignorance is Bliss. Oh well. With pop-punk songs like Disconnected they aren’t bad, just a little generic. But then again, wasn’t that the case with pretty much all the 90’s “punk” bands?

A light month thus far, hoping things will pick up. By the way, I completely disagree with a musician boycotting the state of Arizona because of SB1070. A band not coming here does not economically impact the state, like a convention or the 2011 MLB All-Star Game would. An artist refusing to play in Arizona only negatively impacts the fans. Needless to say I am not happy with the decision of Belinda Carlisle from The Go-Go’s and Lilith Fair.

I will get off my soapbox now. Enjoy live music.



One comment

  1. Kevin_Amold · May 27, 2010

    Too much french in this blog today.

    I might have to go check out Cake, if only to hear them to Rock ‘n Roll Lifestyle. Of course I always say I should go to __________ concert, then it passes me by before I know it.

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