Tfronky’s Playlist from the Silver Platter Show on May 20, 2010

silverplatter.infoGood day everybody!

Last night I had an opportunity for the second time to be a guest DJ on The show I was on is named the Silver Platter Radio Show and airs on Thursday nights at 6pm, with an encore of the show played Saturday evenings at 8pm.

What a wonderful opportunity it has been to be on this show! The crazy thing is the chance came about simply as a result of my being one of the contributors on the website. Let’s face it, updating the concert calendar for Hollywood Alley and the Compound Grill is not exactly what I would call work. This is pure fun for me, and an opportunity to help support the local music community.

Radio Phoenix is currently an internet radio station that serves the Valley of the Sun with entertaining and insightful programming. It is fully listener supported and non-commercial, so this organization does outstanding work for the local community. The programming is not just music-related, there are plenty of great news broadcasts as well. Check out the “About Us” page for more information.

The first show I was a guest DJ on was March 25 of this year. Having never done a radio show before I was nervous as heck, but was pleasantly surprised with the feedback I received afterward. The important thing is the experience was an absolute joy. The host DJ Henri does a great job and made me feel completely comfortable. He also hosts the Henri! on the Radio Show, Friday nights at 8pm. Check it out!

I get the easy part of the job! Seriously, I get to pick out songs from bands I like that have live concert dates scheduled in Phoenix and the surrounding areas. Not only do I get to play those songs, I have the opportunity to talk about those bands, talk about the shows and reminisce about past concert experiences. Amazing.

Here are copies of the playlists from March 25 and last night, May 21. A heads up; I am already scheduled to be back June 24! 🙂

March 25, 2010

  1. Echo and the BunnymenIn Bluer Skies
  2. The Stranglers (Hugh Cornwell) – Always the Sun
  3. Wings (Paul McCartney) – Band on the Run
  4. Father FiguresCaviar
  5. Silversun PickupsLazy Eye
  6. Source VictoriaUntil We Crack
  7. Bad BrainsI Against I
  8. A Place to Bury StrangersIt is Nothing
  9. Temper TrapScience of Fear
  10. We Were Promised JetpacksShorts Bursts (alternate version)
  11. Frightened RabbitNothing Like You
  12. Twilight SadThat Birthday Present
  13. ElbowGrounds for Divorce (live)

May, 20, 2010

  1. Band of HorsesOn My Way Back Home
  2. Jump Back BrothersMy Heart is Achin’ for You
  3. GBH – City Baby Attacked by Rats
  4. CAKESheep Go to Heaven
  5. Cowboy JunkiesSweet Jane (Velvet Underground cover)
  6. Face to FaceQuestions Still Remain
  7. Cheap TrickTonight It’s You
  8. The Other 49Crooks and Cowards pt. 2
  9. Built to SpillThe Plan

Thanks for reading, and if you have listened to either or both shows, thanks for your support!




  1. Tpreston · July 29, 2010

    Hi Frank,
    We just got back from Hawaii. Our Midnight arrival time stretched to 3:30am so we slept most of the day.
    I did catch the last 15 minutes of Silverplatter this evening. NICE JOB!!. How come you didn’t play Divo’s #1 song–instead you played Peek-a-boo, I liked it, but what is their #1 song? I remember it was very big at the time.
    By the way, where do you get the record cuts?
    Everyone in Hawaii is fine. We went to the beach, I went snorkling, Jesse and Alicia are being trained as Jr. Life Guards and working their buns off. Jay and Daria are fine. Weather was muggy.

  2. tfronky · July 30, 2010

    Hey Mr. P!

    Thanks for listening. I didn’t play “Whip It” because that is the song everyone knows, plus “Peek-A-Boo” was always my favorite song of theirs. Glad to have you back in town.

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