The Other 49, Thursday May 13 at the Goat Head Saloon. And you can be on TV!

The Other 49, May 13, 2010 at the Goat Head Saloon

Thursday night, May 13, is a big night my friends. The Other 49 is headlining a show at the Goat Head Saloon in Mesa. This is not just another local show folks, there is one huge reason (other than an opportunity to hear some killer live music) to attend this gig!

Opening the show on this evening will be Page the Village Idiot, Gladiators Ready and Joy World Entertainment Company. PTVI has been a great artist here in the Valley of the Sun since the nineties, always delivering a great set of poignant, satirical music with an emphasis on the comedy. This will be my first night seeing both Gladiators Ready and Joy World Entertainment Co.. Considering how good 2010 has been in regards to “discovering” new music, I am hopeful.

Now the headliner. April 29, a mere two weeks ago, was the first time I saw The Other 49 play live, and some of you may know I was beyond impressed when I left the Rhythm Room that evening. May 13 will be show #2.

This show is particularly special because Indie Music Phoenix will be filming the set of The Other 49! IMP airs Thursdays at 12:00 midnight on AZTV. In addition, after the live music they will air the performances from the previous week’s show.

Only $5 to get in, the opportunity to support four local artists, including the opportunity to see another killer set from The Other 49, and an opportunity to be on television – this is a no-brainer people. Do yourself a favor and head over to Goat Head Thursday night, May 13.



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