The Other 49 and Underwater Getdown live at the Rhythm Room Thursday, April 29.

A stacked line-up at the Rhythm Room April 29Okay seriously, I consider myself to be pretty hip when it comes to music. However, in 2010 I have discovered a plethora of great talent right here in the good ol’ Valley of the Sun! Now when I say “discover”, what I really mean is I am not such a jackass anymore in regards to some killer music being created here in Phoenix and its surrounding areas. Joining Source Victoria, Kings of Last Call, Colorstore, Civilia, Labor Party and Domo, all great bands I have had the pleasure of seeing for the first time in 2010, is The Other 49 and Underwater Getdown. What a show!

Underwater Getdown at the Rhythm Room 4-29-2010Underwater Getdown was a pleasant surprise. I thought I had arrived just in time to see The Other 49 play, but I am really glad things worked out this way. An interesting four-piece with a dual male-female vocal attack and some sparkling guitar work, this band played an energetic set of quality indie-pop. What made them interesting is there are elements from many different styles of music scattered throughout every song. I was impressed, and look forward to seeing them again!

I have missed The Other 49 twice this year, the first occasion being the first time I saw Source Victoria play in January when both bands opened for Adam Franklin, the second being that amazing Limbeck show in March. Indeed, the third time was the charm, and to say I was blown away is a serious understatement.

I confess, I am like most people in the respect that often times I will compare a band I hear for the first time to another band(s) to help explain the style of music to someone else. How’s this? Take one of my all-time favorite bands, Juno from Seattle, WA, and mesh that style with latter era Appleseed Cast. No joke.

The Other 49 at the Rhythm Room 4-29-2010 1The Other 49 have a HUGE sound. Take a dual guitar attack that features the shimmery sound I am in love with, a stellar rhythm section featuring a strong bass and powerful drums, and a vocal delivery that alternates between delicate and explosive. Those components combine to create a truly epic sound, which makes the comparison to Juno so perfect.

Now, since the show I have listened to the band’s EP they were giving out that evening A Cold Open. The disc is very, very good, seven songs of beautifully orchestrated indie rock. But folks, live is really the way to hear this band and get the full effect. They are a monster on stage.

The Other 49 at the Rhythm Room 4-29-2010 2The energy all four members threw into every song played was tremendous. There is nothing better than actually seeing a band pour the type of intensity into their music live that the song itself possesses. These guys blew me away with their on-stage musicianship, power, precision and delivery. This is how a live show is supposed to be in my opinion, an experience that has me leaving the venue shaking me head, saying out loud “Holy ____!”

I am already pumped for the next show and hope to be there at the Goat Head Saloon on May 13. The show is being filmed live by Indie Music Phoenix, so get out to Mesa and support this great band.

Holy cow, it is three days later and I am still reeling from this show! Next up is the Twilight Sad, this coming Wednesday at The Clubhouse. Man, that is going to be awesome …



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