21 years. How about Tfronky’s Picks for the Best 21 Songs of the Past 21 Years?

April 24, 2010. I love this date, although 21 years ago it was one of the darkest days of my life.

Folks, it may be rather obvious by now that music plays a HUGE role in my life. A good band, a good album, a good song all go a long way in inspiring me, improving my mood and keeping me focused. The significance of this date 21 years ago has motivated me to reflect on the past year, just the way it does every year. I love that. So I figured what the heck, why not pick my favorite 21 songs of the past 21 years? Without further adieu:

  1. Flaming Lips = Do You Realize?
  2. Band of Horses = The Funeral
  3. Elbow = Newborn
  4. House of Love = I Don’t Know Why I Love You
  5. Editors = Munich
  6. The Brother Kite = Hold Me Down
  7. Interpol = Not Even Jail
  8. Catherine Wheel = Black Metallic
  9. Swervedriver = Volcano Trash
  10. Juno = Venus on 9th St.
  11. Hey Mercedes = The Frowning of a Lifetime
  12. The Posies = Solar Sister
  13. Juno = Leave a Clean Camp and a Dead Fire
  14. Rogue Wave = Love’s Lost Guarantee
  15. Sebadoh = Got It
  16. Swervedriver = For Seeking Heat
  17. Elbow = Grace Under Pressure
  18. My Morning Jacket = It Beats 4 U
  19. Nada Surf = Always Love
  20. Kitchens of Distinction = Margaret’s Injection
  21. Fish Karma = God is a Groovy Guy

Yes folks, I even took the time to put these tracks in order. This was tough though, and I left out a lot of great songs. But that is what makes compiling lists fun!

Hopefully you will find a track or two you were not familiar with, that would be the true gem of this undertaking. And hopefully some of you may have your own list you would like to share. Most of all, enjoy.

Thanks Gary. Cheers!



  1. Me · April 24, 2010

    I am really surprised that you don’t have Jan Terri singing Losing You. I know you thought it was one of the greatest songs ever.

  2. Bob Dean · April 27, 2010

    I will tell you that I have printed your top 21 picks of all time and am listening to them one by one…………

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