Music and 2010 has been very good to Tfronky!

Source Victoria at the Yucca Tap Room 1-30-2010 We Were Promised Jetpacks at the Rhythm Room 2-23-10 Limbeck live at the Hard Rock Cafe Phoenix - March 20, 2010

We are just about 1/4 of the way through 2010 and needless to say I am ecstatic with the way things have been going thus far. A new job, two new ventures, a lot of great shows and a new attitude. I would have to me an A on the report card for being happy and content!

1. New job. After six weeks being unemployed and depressed as hell, I wasn’t sure at first if going back to the world of ticket brokering was the way to go. All I know is Ticket Lobster is exponentially different from that last schmucko company I was with, making going to the office something I look forward to on a daily basis.  A small company with genuinely good people, what a difference! Now if we could just progress to the point where there is a website for me to edit and write content for, I will be that much happier!

2. Stinkweeds CD reviews. As of this writing there are a total of eleven reviews I have written for the Stinkweeds website. This is a true labor of love, an opportunity to express my opinions in written form on the one topic I feel I am qualified to write about; music! Even better is the fact I have been exposed to artists that I may have never given a shot to otherwise, One eskimO, Beach House and Shearwater being three great examples.

3. The Silver Platter. Seriously, the only thing better than writing about new music I have been listening to is going to see bands play live, and the opportunity to help update the Silver Platter website has been a godsend. I have been so fortunate to have literally fallen into these two gigs, courtesy of Stinkweeds. Plus one of the venues I have been updating, the Compound Grill, is this very cool venue out in Scottsdale that I need to check out. Maybe for this blues night out there the night of my birthday!

4. Shows, shows, shows! It is always great to see bands you have seen before play again. This year that has been the case with Band of Horses, the Father Figures and Sonic Youth. Even better is seeing an artist live for the first time that you know the music already. That was the case with We Were Promised Jetpacks and Adam Franklin of Swervedriver fame. But the best has to be completely discovering an artist on the fly and realizing you just heard a great band for the first time! This year I have been lucky enough to have seen in concert for the first time Source Victoria and Limbeck, two killer bands that left me scratching my head afterward thinking to myself, “Where the hell have I been?”

5. The blogging, writing CD reviews and updating of Silver Platter all allowed me the opportunity to appear as a guest DJ on the Silver Platter radio show on That just happened yesterday, Thursday, March 25 from 6:15pm-8:15pm. I had the opportunity to play tracks from and talk about thirteen different artists that I like. What a rough gig! Many thanks to Henri for allowing me this opportunity, and tons of thanks to my friends that took the time to send well-wishes, listen, and give me feedback afterward. That was all HIGHLY appreciated! The show will be re-broadcast Saturday night at 8:00pm Arizona time, March 26. I will be listening, I have to hear what a dork I sound like on the radio!

Seriously people, could I be more blessed? There is much more to look forward to this year, and April is going to be an extraordinary month for live music. Hopefully by Monday there will be a post up about April concerts, because there are a lot of great artists coming to town.

Thanks for reading and supporting this little endeavor of mine. Cheers!




  1. Dave Marsh · March 26, 2010

    And you always have your friends, too!

  2. Me · March 29, 2010

    YES! ‘Bout time you mentioned us.

  3. tfronky · March 29, 2010

    See this is why I didn’t want to.

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