My goodness. This was the best I have seen live from Band of Horses yet!

Wow, wow, wow!

I knew the Band of Horses show at the Ogden Theatre Tuesday, March 16, was going to be incredible. I had seen them twice before and both shows were amazing. They have a new album coming out in May, so I knew we would be in for a good amount of new material. But seriously, with all the expectations I had, this concert still surpassed all of them. Band of Horses was dialed in on this evening my friends!

My second time to the Ogden Theatre was much better than the first. Some of you may remember I got to that show extremely late and only caught 4 1/2 songs of what I could tell was an incredible set from Sonic Youth. No worries this time, I arrived early enough to secure a great spot in the balcony, center stage. A prefect view to see a perfect band.

Band of Horses came onstage and opened with … cha-ching, The First Song! Of course, it makes perfect sense, more so because that song is an incredible tune. The build-up during The First Song is outstanding and set the tone for the rest of the evening.

Band of Horses - Infinite ArmsWith Infinite Arms set to come out May 18, I was pleasantly surprised that Band of Horses opened with five tracks from their first two albums Everything All the Time and Cease to Begin. The third song of the set, Is There a Ghost, may have been the stunner of the night, an explosive track with a quiet, beautiful intro that builds into a crescendo of ferocious, melodic energy.

The band began to treat the crowd to new material with the sixth song of the night, Northwest Apartment. In all I believe as many as six or seven new songs were played, so we were treated to a healthy dose of things to come. The new material had a more pronounced country edge to things while still retaining the band’s trademark indie rock with a Southern rock edge to things.

Once again the band nearly moved me to tears with track 13 of the night, the crowd favorite and the band’s most epic song The Funeral. What a beautiful intro that sets the tone for a song that has such a significant message to it. The chorus of “at every occasion I’ll be ready for a funeral” is truly powerful. This is one of my all-time favorite songs from any band, and as many times as I have heard it the tune never gets old.

Great songs like these are even better when played by artists that know what they are doing and are into what they have created. Ben Bridwell is one of the most dynamic vocalists and frontmen in rock and roll today, possessing a powerful voice that has a very delicate edge as well. The contrast makes for a stunning vocal delivery.

All five members play extremely well, making BOH an extremely tight unit. When keyboardist Ryan Monroe picks up a guitar on some songs Band of Horses unleashes a three-guitar attack, rare in the music world. What a talent this guy is: keyboards; rhythm guitar; lead guitar; backing vocals and lead vocals. Incredible!

The sold-out crowd at the Ogden Theatre was really into the show, offering thunderous applause after every song. This was a great show in every respect with a great crowd, great music and a great band. I feel very fortunate that I was part of the experience.

The only thing that would have made the night better is if they were selling the new album already! Cheers!



  1. The First Song
  2. The Great Salt Lake
  3. Is There a Ghost
  4. Weed Song
  5. Islands on the Coast
  6. Northwest Apartment
  7. Compliments
  8. New Song (Ryan Monroe sang lead)
  9. Marry Song
  10. No One’s Gonna Love You
  11. New Song (no bass or drums during this tune)
  12. New Song
  13. The Funeral
  14. Wicked Gil
  15. Ode to LRC
  16. New Song
  17. The General Specific
  18. ENCORE

  19. Our Swords
  20. Monsters
  21. New Song

Check out another review of the Ogden Theatre Band of Horses show from The Denver Westword



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  2. Dave Marsh · March 17, 2010

    Wow! What a great concert you experienced. I am really looking forward to the new album.

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  4. caits42 · June 10, 2010

    wow sounds like an awesome show, i am going to see them in august, can’t wait!!!! reading this has got me even more excited for the show 😀

  5. tfronky · June 10, 2010

    Thanks for commenting! Guarantee you will have a great time!

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