The Father Figures will be bringing it at The Rogue Saturday, February 6. Do it.

Father Figures flierHello everybody,

This will be a good weekend of live music. Friday night is all about old school punk rock at Hollywood Alley with Orange County legends CH3 and Bean Town legends The Freeze. I continue to be amazed with all the punk bands that were around when I was in junior high and high school that still play today!

But the critical show you HAVE to attend is Saturday night at The Rogue in Scottsdale, as Phoenix’s own The Father Figures are playing live with Labor Party, Robot Tank and Belfry Bats. Do it.

Belfry Bats and Robot Tank both played with The Father Figures a couple of weekends ago on January 23 in Prescott, AZ. I am looking forward to seeing these two bands. Belfry Bats deliver some good ol’psychobilly, stand-up bass and all, while Robot Tank plays indie pop that is a bit reminiscent of Weezer.

Labor Party is scheduled to play after The Father Figures. A nap will be required on Saturday because I have to coerce my old body into staying up late to see these guys! Labor Party plays a stripped-down version of 70’s garage punk. I love that style of music anyway, but from a subjective perspective a long-time friend of mine by the name of Buck Ellis mans the skins for this band. I can still remember when he was playing in a band by the name of Balls.

The Father Figures will be playing just their fifth (or fourth depending on whom you ask) show, and the progression this band is making has been pretty awesome to watch. What originally started out Memorial Day weekend of 2009 as three friends simply jamming together has become a serious musical endeavor. These guys have created some outstanding post-punk, à la the legendary Fugazi, but The Father Figures have made their product unique by incorporating elements of Sonic Youth and Interpol.

The Father Figures have continued to write new songs, perfect their older ones so they are delivered live with full damage potential, and even have swag all ready to go for this concert! Support the band and pick up a shirt while you are at the show. The logo shown above will be on both white and black t-shirts. Sweet!

I am stoked, this will only be my second chance seeing The Father Figures live, and as good as the band’s début was that I saw last year, one would have to assume considerable progression since then. Do yourself a favor my friends. Make Saturday evening a night of killer music from a variety of genres, and help support local music in the process.




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