Source Victoria live at the Yucca Tap Room, Saturday January 30

Source Victoria at the Yucca Tap Room 1-30-2010 - 1 Source Victoria at the Yucca Tap Room 1-30-2010 - 2 Source Victoria at the Yucca Tap Room 1-30-2010 - 3
Source Victoria at the Yucca Tap Room 1-30-2010 - 4 Source Victoria at the Yucca Tap Room 1-30-2010 - 5 Source Victoria at the Yucca Tap Room 1-30-2010 - 6

Hey everybody,

Three straight weekends I have seen Source Victoria play live, this particular show the second time I have seen a full-band version. If the first show was a pleasant surprise being my first time seeing them, the second a good stripped-down version with two of the band members, then the phrase “the third time is the charm” is a truly appropriate description for this concert. Outstanding!

January 30 at the Yucca Tap RoomI want to comment about the two artists that went on right before Source Victoria. First up was an acoustic set from Himes Kamesbertensteinhovitz. Good stuff, I like what I heard, but it is always tough to get a good feel for an artist playing this type of show in a loud, crowded bar. I would be curious to see him play again at a more intimate venue. Second was a band out of Tempe by the name of Domo. Wow! This trio possesses some serious energy and an engaging stage presence. I was reminded at times of a slightly poppier Jawbreaker, while still retaining the intensity of that band. I was really impressed and look forward to another chance to check them out. The lead singer/guitarist of the band is a true talent, as he was on keyboards for the next set when Source Victoria took the stage.

The leader of Source Victoria, Brendan Murphy, gave me a copy of the band’s 2007 release The Fast Escape, when I first saw them play. A week later I found a copy of their first self-titled EP at Stinkweeds. Both releases have really made a positive impression on me and I have gradually been wearing out both discs from so much airplay.

Now that I am familiar with Source Victoria’s music, seeing the band live was an even greater pleasure on this evening. I read that the band is planning to record a new album soon, and Murphy confirmed this during the set. Source Victoria has a BIG sound my friends. There is some serious structure to all of the songs, enabling this band to play the type of music that not many can play, a style that in a very subtle and gentle manner obliterates the senses. This is well-played dream pop with a truly epic sound, à la Radiohead, Ferment and Chrome-era Catherine Wheel and The Appleseed Cast.

Leading off with three new songs, the band tore into a power-packed set. The Yucca Tap Room is a cool bar, but with five members in the band I was a little concerned how they would handle performing on the small stage. No worries! The band was a wild whirlwind of energy during the entire set, even remaining active during the band’s more tranquil moments. Three tracks from The Fast Escape were played right in the middle of the set, including my favorite song of the band’s, Opportunistic. Three more new songs closed out a rousing set.

Twice during the show Brendan introduced a song by informing the audience it was the first time being played live. The first of the two, which I believe is entitled Black Label, is a MONSTER of song. All I know is if the six newer songs Source Victoria treated the audience to on this evening make their way on the disc they plan to record soon, that album is going to be huge.

Great set guys! Apologies to the last band on the bill Kings of Last Call, a band I do hope to see soon. Needless to say age becomes a factor once midnight hits. Next time!

Do yourself a favor if you have not already. Check out Source Victoria’s MySpace page and listen to the tracks they have posted on their site. It will not take you long to realize what a killer band this is. Then keep tabs on their calender and show up to support them the next time they play live. You won’t be disappointed.

I will end this post with a reminder of another great show coming up, The Father Figures on Saturday, February 6 at The Rogue Bar in Scottsdale. Post-punk that meshes the styles of Fugazi, Interpol and a splash of Sonic Youth. Seriously. Do it.




  1. Me · February 4, 2010

    I checked them out like you suggested. Your are right, good stuff. Hopefully, I will get to hear more of them soon.

  2. tfronky · February 5, 2010

    Thanks for commenting. You know me, I really enjoy raving about bands I like. I’ll keep you posted when they are going to play again.

  3. el supremo · February 9, 2010

    gotta check these guys out!

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