Do it. Source Victoria is at the Yucca Tap Room tonight. Do it.

January 30 at the Yucca Tap Room

Hey everybody,

People in the Valley of the Sun have a bad habit of complaining that there are never any good shows in town, yet many of those same people have an even worse habit of never getting off their duffs and taking a little ride over to one of the many cool venues Phoenix and its surrounding areas possess. Take it from me, head over to the Yucca Tap Room tonight and check out a band I have been touting quite a bit lately, Source Victoria.

The bill includes Kings of Last Call, Domo and Himes Kamesbertensteinhovitz. Four artists my friends, and no cover charge! Even a non-boozehound like me realizes that leaves plenty of extra cash  for the evening to spend on drinks.

Please come out and support local music. I mean seriously, you were not planning on going to see Monster Jam over this, were you?



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