The Father Figures have a new demo for your enjoyment, check it out on MySpace!

The Father Figures at the Ruby Room July 18, 2009

Hello everybody,

It was not too long ago I conveyed my thoughts on one of the newer local bands here in the Valley of the Sun. In case you have not figured it out yet, I am a big fan of post-punk outfit The Father Figures. Let’s face it though, most people have to hear music for themselves before they will believe someone else’s opinion. Well my friends, you can do just that now!

Check out The Father Figures MySpace page for four tracks from their first demo. Recorded a mere week and a half ago, the demo contains five tracks of in-your-face, mid-tempo post punk, played very, very well by this trio of Arizona music veterans. The structures to the songs are well-written, Tom’s vocal and bass delivery is outstanding, Michael is very quickly and in grand style making his mark as a stellar guitar player, and Bobby as usual pounds the skins with reckless, but precise abandon. Kudos to Ryan Butler at Arcane Digital Recording for a solid mix on the recording. Four of the five tracks appear on their MySpace page, including their signature track to date Typical Bible Beating Hypocrite, as well as a new track by the name of Caviar.

Thanks goes out to Bobby for getting me this demo the day after it was created, my car stereo has been very happy ever since!

The Father Figures have two dates coming up. If you are in the mood for a nice, short road trip, they will bringing their spectacle to Sundance’s in Prescott on Saturday, January 23. If you cannot make that show, be sure to catch them at the Rogue Bar in Scottsdale on Saturday, February 6. The bands on the bill for that evening include Belfry Bats, Robot Tank, The Father Figures, and Labor Party, in that order. I will definitely be at the Rogue show, am hoping to make the trip to Prescott as well.

Enjoy the demo folks. No excuses now, you have the chance to hear what post-punk is supposed to sound like, now quit being lazy and go check them out!



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