Concerts for the month of January

Hello everybody,

When I used to post for a company blog I would do a monthly update on concerts coming to the Valley of the Sun, as well as any out-of-town shows I was going to. Why not pick up again here? Here we go, Tfronky’s list of concerts to check out in January!

January 5 – Sonic Youth at the Marquee Theatre. One of the true independent bands of all time make their long-awaited return to Arizona with this rescheduled concert from October. I had a chance to see them earlier this year in Denver, but unfortunately my plane coming in from Phoenix arrived late, so I only had an opportunity to see all of four songs. I can tell you that 30+ years later this band still smokes! They ended that show with an encore featuring songs from their watershed album Daydream Nation. I can only hope for the same this show!

January 15 – Adam Franklin and Bolts of Melody at the Rogue Bar. Shame on you if you do not know who Adam Franklin is! Leader of one of my all-time favorite bands, the almighty Swervedriver, Adam Franklin has been involved in several other great projects as well, including Magnetic Morning and Toshack Highway. The guy writes great songs and has one of the coolest vocal styles in rock and roll. This will be a great show folks, get to The Rogue early!

January 20 – Agnostic Front at the Yucca Tap Room. Some shows you almost have to attend just out of curiosity. Really, are these guys still around? I can still remember hearing the Victim in Pain album back when I was a freshman in high school, and the last time I saw them was at a great venue in Phoenix from years ago by the name of  The Metro, opening for GBH. I was never a big fan, and their ties back in the day to the skinhead movement was pretty revolting. But I cannot deny they were a powerful hardcore punk outfit. I just may have to go this show.

January 23 – Father Figures at Sundance’s in Prescott. The best new band in Arizona travel up north to Prescott, AZ. If you desire some melodic post-punk a-la Fugazi, played by three veterans of the Arizona music scene, The Father Figures have very quickly developed a very tight formula that is a very strong representation of that genre of music. They do so with a lot of energy and professionalism. What a great excuse for a road trip!

January 23 – Slayer, Megadeth and Testament at the Dodge Theater. If you feel like staying in town instead, this metal fest is another great option. May 23, 1991, I attended a concert at Veterans Memorial Coliseum by the name of the Clash of the Titans Tour. Nearly 20 years later I will once again have an opportunity to see two of the original four of thrash metal performing on the same bill as part of the American Carnage Tour. Slayer is my all-time favorite metal band, and their latest release World Painted Blood is classic Slayer; brutal, intense, chaotic. If you do not own Reign in Blood, the crowning achievement in thrash metal, you really need to add that album to your collection. I have always believed Megadeth was the most professional of all metal bands. Dave Mustaine is a stellar axeman and a great songwriter. I have not seen them since that Clash of the Titans show, looking forward to finally experience Megadeth in person again. Testament is a band I know very little about, but I do remember really enjoying a tune by the name of Over the Wall from their first album The Legacy.

Folks, I am sure there are many more shows to list. I will add concerts to this post as I come across any I think need to be here. The majority of my information comes from a great concert date website by the name of Pollstar. Check it out for the latest dates for your favorite bands and venues, or for the city you live in. Please feel free to add any shows in the Comments section that you think should be listed. Just understand that if you suggest the New Found Glory, Riverdance or AFI shows, you will never be allowed to comment again. 🙂



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