The best new band to come out of Arizona in years, the Father Figures!

Hello my friends,

There have been some killer punk, alternative and post-punk bands that have come out of the desert over the years. I spent my junior high and high school years listening to punk bands such as J.F.A. and Kluged, my college years getting into The Voice and Housequake, and am still rocking out to bands such as Hillbilly Devilspeak, 40 Watt Las Vegas and the North Side Kings into my forties.

I specifically mentioned those great bands because three musicians that played in them have put together a stellar new post-punk product by the name of the Father Figures. Folks, this is the real deal, and if you live in Arizona and have not seen them yet you are seriously missing out!

A long-time friend of mine by the name of Bobby Lerma plays drums and contributes backing vocals to the band. Bobby played in Kluged, The Voice and 40 Watt, among many others. It has been a pleasure to support Bobby through all his musical endeavors over the years. Some locals might believe that since Bobby and I have known each other since the 6th grade, including playing Little League Baseball for one season, means I have liked every band he has been in, but Bobby knows that not to be the case. I am picky about the music I enjoy. He is involved in one heck of a project right now!

Rounding out this trio are two more great veterans of the Arizona music scene. Bassist/vocalist Tom Reardon played in the North Side Kings and Hillbilly Devilspeak among others, while guitarist/vocalist Michael Cornelius has played in a slew of bands, including Housequake and the kings of skate punk, Jody Fosters Army.

Rather than go into a detailed bio of this band here, please take an opportunity to read the official Father Figures biography that appears on their website. I am proud to have had the opportunity to both interview the band and put together the bio you will read, and had plenty of help from the band in creating it.

Even better, the home page of their website has a link to an interview and live in-studio set the Father Figures did for I loved it and think you will as well, a great interview and introduction to the band if you have not had the pleasure of seeing them live yet. Typical Bible-Beating Hypocrite was the highlight of the EIGHT songs they played, a powerful post-punk track that simply smokes. The set also included full-vocal versions of Save it for Later and Something’s Burning, the latter track including a mind-blowing opening bass riff that sets the tone for a great song.

Read the bio, check out the in-studio performance at Molusk Studio, then become a fan on Facebook so you can keep up with their schedule and be at their next gig.

Old school post-punk a la Wire and Fugazi, this band is just getting started my friends. What a breath of fresh air. “DON’T MAKE THEM COME IN THERE!”



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