“I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends …”

Hello everybody,

What a wonderful day! It is the day after Thanksgiving, I am not at the office, nor at the mall dealing with the nutjobs taking in all the wonderful aspects of Black Friday. I so do not miss retail!

Nope, I am at a friend’s home watching over things while his garage door is being fixed, and looking forward to a weekend of rest, relaxation and plenty of great college football. Go Devils, Fork Em’!

Once I created this little blog a couple of weeks ago, I realized I had three four friends that have taken on the same endeavor, and made a new friend this week as a result of checking out his blog. All five six of us do this for the same reason; a desire to express ourselves in print, but do so in a friendly, non-confrontational manner. Of course you hope someone out there on the worldwide web actually reads the thing, but it is still fun to do and allows me an opportunity to practice the craft of the written word.

Please take an opportunity to read an excerpt or two from these blogs written by four five friends of mine. No, no one has asked me to do this bit of promotion. Call it maybe a feeling of brotherhood?

Be safe, enjoy your life!



Educated Citizenry. One of my very best friends created this as an outlet to express his philosophies and carry on his work from when he taught U.S. Government. A very informative blog focusing on politics, the idea is for all of us to be involved in the process of government, one of our responsibilities as good American citizens.

Swanda’s Fabulous Blog. A fun blog! The gentleman that created this piece of work is a friend of mine in Seattle, WA. He lives one of the more interesting lives of anyone I know and has created a blog with lots of detail.

The World of Chris Haro. I have known Chris for over ten years, and to see the changes in his life, particularly in the past couple of years, has been nothing short of outstanding and inspirational. This is a very detailed blog with a plethora of great information and thoughts.

Butch Leiber’s World. My newest friend, and a pleasure to promote his blog. Butch is a new member of the personal blog world, just like me. His posts are full of vivid detail, and guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

E.R. Ellsworth. A blog I just discovered from another (now former) co-worker, Ed has put together a fine piece of work that hits a wide variety of topics. Good sense of humor and lots of information, including a post about a song from the Cramps!

If you have your own personal blog, feel free to comment and post your link here. We can’t just leave this type of work to the celebrities and schmuckos of the world!



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