Really Wynonna?

Hello everybody,

It has never been a secret that I am not a fan of country music. I think that genre of music is very boring, very few of the artists can really play well and the lyrics are … well, for the most part a joke. The fact I often times believe lyrics from hip-hop and rap tunes are more intelligent is pretty sad.

However, as a fan of music, I do respect an artist that works hard. Regardless of my personal feelings in regards to the music created by a musician, the fact is that individual or band is doing something I wish I could. During my grade school years I played trumpet in the band, was pretty good at it, but lost interest by the time I was in seventh grade and quit altogether after I graduated from junior high. In retrospect I wish I had continued to play into high school, and even today there are a few instruments I would love to learn how to play.

All this brings to mind what country artist Taylor Swift is having to hear right now in regards to her complete dominance at the CMA Awards this week. It seems that some people are jealous that a 19 year old not only won all four awards she was nominated for, but took home the coveted Entertainer of the Year trophy.

Wynonna Judd was especially harsh with her critique of the whole situation, claiming Swift’s rise to fame is indicative of how younger artists today experience fame too quickly. Well, Wynonna and several other “well-informed” people need to do some homework.

Taylor Swift took a demo of her singing karaoke songs to Nashville and explored every possible option on Music Row to break into the business … at the age of ELEVEN. I was too busy with Little League to worry about things like a career at that age! When she was turned down flat, rather than whine about things, she went home, learned to play the 12-string guitar and started writing her own songs. Oh, she did this by the age of TWELVE!

I have no use for her music, but I would be a hypocrite as a fan of the art of music if I was not impressed by what Taylor Swift has accomplished before she is even the legal drinking age! I hope she continues to well, if for no other reason to make a mockery of her critics. And Kanye.

Check out this article on in regards to Wynonna’s little outburst about Taylor Swift.




  1. tfronky · November 13, 2009
  2. Wizard · November 15, 2009

    “The fact I often times believe lyrics from hip-hop and rap tunes are more intelligent is pretty sad.”
    Yep, I agree… I’ll admit that most of the artists don’t play well but the ones that do, do a great job. I’m not talking about the one’s who use their acoustic guitar as a prop while they stand and belt out songs that bemoan lost loves, the loss of loved ones or other life tragedies but personally I find it difficult to put rap in a higher category. From what I can see, in MOST CASES country music is a more positive influence than rap. Let’s face it, nobody ever went out an killed a cop because of a country song…
    I’m all for freedom of expression and admittedly I am not a fan of rap or hip – hop , but personally I like to be able to understand what I’m hearing. I would rather be back in the days when of a group of guys gets together on a street corner and sings 4-part harmonies A Capella than go to many of the concerts out there now. I admire vocal talent and the ability to write lyrics. This is not to say that many of the lyrics today aren’t well written, and don’t have valid or meaningful messages but it’s difficult to distinguish good lyrics when the music accompanying them sounds almost like mine when I was growing up in my parent’s basement using my desk chair for a snare drum and brass pots and planters for cymbals until my parents decided they had better get me a drum set before I broke something…OR WORSE…
    I know I’m dating myself and probably just another old fart who misses the music they grew up with… but I miss the music of Pink Floyd, Yes, The original Jethro Tull (I love Ian Anderson’s acoustic work) and bands like Emerson Lake and Palmer. Where are the bands that actually play music instead of just throwing sounds together?

  3. tfronky · November 15, 2009

    Great points Wizard. Most often lyrics I hear in a hip hop/rap tune I feel are horrendous, which makes my point about country lyrics that much more poignant. It’s not to say all country or all hip hop/rap lyrics are terrible. There are some very well-written songs from all those genres of music. It is just unfortunate that too often that is not the case.

    I appreciate your comments. You obviously have a similar passion for music. I look forward to seeing you post again!


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